Educational Information

Hometown Heroes  

The Hometown Heroes Service Learning Project is a unique service learning project that encourages students to learn more about local veterans, either Vietnam veterans or veterans of all areas of service, who devoted themselves to this country.

1.  Remembering Those Who Sacrificed encourages students learn more about local Vietnam veterans who gave the ultimate sacrifice and to send the pictures and stories of those on The Wall to VVMF.  These photos will be used in the Education Center at The Wall and will continue to be displayed on a virtual Wall on the website.   Click the following for PDF templates created specially for our event with a map of Vietnam.  Blank template for Vietnam service.  Instructional template for Vietnam service.

2.  Honoring Those Who Served encourages students to preserve the legacy and stories of those who served in our nation’s military during a conflict and to preserve these stories in a written or oral format.  Click the following for PDF templates created specially for our event with a world wide map for service in different countries.  Blank template.  Instructional template.

3.  Honoring Those Who Served and Sacrificed encourages the students to plan and execute a ceremony for veterans and their families on Memorial Day and Veterans Day.

Click here to find the Hometown Heroes packet.   

Echoes from The Wall

Echoes from The Wall is a program designed to teach the history of the Vietnam War and use the lessons from that chaotic period to inspire students from our classrooms today to become future leaders with a heightened sense of responsibility, citizenship and service. For more information go to Echoes from The Wall

Classroom Resources

Teaching resources and recommended reading for elementary students and for secondary students.  Click here for elementary list.   Click here for secondary list.  Click here for a The Wall That Heals student Q&A lesson listing questions about The Wall.

Harding’s Bags Project

Local area schools are encouraged to decorate Harding’s grocery bags to promote the visiting Wall.  Bags will be used in Harding’s stores in October.  Teachers, click here for project guidelines.

Classroom Special Guest

Teachers who are interested in bringing a guest speaker into their classroom to discuss the Vietnam experience may email the event coordinators at  The speaker may be a local veteran, a family member who lost a loved one in the war, or a military member.   Teachers will be given the opportunity to talk with the speaker to determine the content of the talk and if it is  appropriate for their grade level.